LISD 2019 Spring 2

Regan Elementary  LISD Spring 2 Parinama academy dates

Apr 2 










Apr 9
Apr 16
Apr 23
Apr 30
May 7

Here are the link to the worksheet -

and assessment


Supplies - For chess you dont need to pay anything for use of material during our training.

We are excited to start teaching/training your kids and we thank you for providing us with this opportunity. .
Call Siva 512-586-7824 in case you have any questions/issues
Dismissal will be Car rider, YMCA or walker based on your kid’s transportation as provided by the school administration.

First things first -We will assess each kid to ensure we teach basics/foundation to kids who haven’t yet learned the game – Schedule A and if the kid already knows chess they will follow schedule B

Schedule A Beginner (Kids who have are eager to learn chess and have no prior knowledge of chess will follow this schedule


Schedule B Advanced ‘players (Kids who have prior knowledge of chess will follow this schedule) 

Review Fundamentals – Board, Pieces, Rook, Pawn.King, Bishop, and Queen
Knight (Last piece of the army!)
En Passant and Pawn promotion
Check and Checkmate
Stalemate and Draw
Undefended pieces


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